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GetGnuWin32 – Maintaining a Gnuwin32 Package archive

You can download the gnuwin32 package maintenance utility on the project portal. Thanks to!

The gnuwin32 project makes available a huge number of packages for download. But every package must be chosen carefully, because there are new as well as old versions on the server, there are sources, binaries, documentation and installer packages etc. Even worse: You must download and install every package on its own. This is really hard work!

On the other hand, maintaining a small local package list of only the newest binaries and documentation can very easily be automated. This is the subject of this software package.


Jay Satiro <raysatiro at users dot sourceforge dot net>

Oct 07, 2009 (0.6.22): The layout of the web site on was complete changed (alas not always positively: The different versions of the packages available on are now sorted lexicographically, so its not only by software, but also by humans difficulty to recognize the latest version). This is why getgnuwin32 didn't work no longer.

After a time, Jay Satiro reorganized the code and did all the programming work to let getgnuwin32 to work again. He is now a coauthor of the getgnuwin32 project.

Jay Satiro <raysatiro at users dot sourceforge dot net>

Feb 19, 2009 (0.6.21): Jay tested the new release 0.6.20 and found that all scripts therein had unix style line endings. Thanks for testing and for feedback.

Jay Satiro <raysatiro at users dot sourceforge dot net>

Feb 18, 2009 (0.6.20): Due to changes of the web interface at and the new windows vista operation system, download.bat and install.bat didn't work anymore. The getgnuwin32 project was practically dead, since I had no time to invest that great amount of time that would have been necessary to get all things to work again – I was not even able to response to all emails.

Suddenly, I received an email by Jay Satiro, which contained the complete solution included here, together with a analyses of the solved problems and those that yet persist – thousand thanks!

Ruslan Gainutdinov <ruslanfg at gmail dot com>

Nov 25, 2006 (0.6.17): Due to changes of the web interface at, download.bat didn't work anymore. Ruslan realized that, immediately adopted download.bat and sent me his version.

Martin Mewes <mm at mewes dot tv>

March 3, 2006 (0.6.12): Martin successed to implement a little more comfort. Due to his proposal following improvements were made: You can now specify a list of mirrors both with the GNUWIN32_MIRROR environment variable or on the command line. You can specify a verbose switch -v.

Amores Perros <perryrapp at gmail dot com>

Jan 16, 2006 (0.6.11): I am not a native English speaker – so Amores corrected many clerical errors and suggessed some clarifications.

Yesudeep J Mangalapilly <yesudeep at gmail dot com>

Dec 25, 2005 (0.6.8): Yesudeep J Mangalapilly offered me a Christmas present. He sent me a patch that corrected some misspellings, improved status messages and added a feature to create links to .hlp and .chm files within the Windows Start Menu.

Ryan McCullough <rmccullough at gmail dot com>

Nov 21, 2005 (0.6.7): Ryan told me that the layout of the gnuwin32 project web site has changed so that download.bat didn't work anymore. Also, wget-1.10.2 made troubles, so I had to use the tool from where I was told before by Mark Gardner.

Mark Gardner <mark dot gardner at bms dot com>

Nov 2, 2005 (0.6.7): He proposed to use wget-1.10.2 and gave me the tip to get it from

Ryan McCullough <rmccullough at gmail dot com>

April 18, 2005 (0.6.5): Thanks for your issue, that download.bat sometimes fetches some old dlls out of one of the packages and overwrites already extracted new ones. And even more: Thanks for your server place at

Jochen Kuhnhenn <kuhnhenn at web dot de>

April 12, 2005 (0.6.4) The idea to have a wget.ini file whithin the bin directory that one can adapt for special purposes.

Paul Moore <pf_moore at yahoo dot co dot uk>

March 5, 2005 (0.6.1 and 0.6.2) Great starting aid! Thanks for your issues!

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